Valuing a Property for Probate

Having considerable knowledge of Probate Valuations, Andrew R Mason is available in Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands and Mid Wales.

The circumstances in which a probate valuation becomes necessary can be a distressing time but nevertheless a Probate Valuation needs to be carried out in order to progress.

The primary purpose of a Probate Valuation is to ascertain the valuation of the estate left behind by the deceased. This will be required by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the executor to determine if there are sufficient funds to cover liabilities.

For many families the most valuable asset left behind by the deceased is their former family home, as an Independent Valuer Andrew R Mason will provide a full and comprehensive professional valuation of your property or property portfolio that conforms to the requirements of HMRC.

Valuations at this difficult time may also be required by families in dealing with the division of assets by the Executor in accordance with the Will. A comprehensive survey of the condition of the property, market conditions and evidence of recent price comparisons will be used to support an independent valuation to provide confidence for family members some of whom may not live locally.

Andrew R Mason has considerable experience in Probate Valuations and providing professional advice on dealing with a loved ones estate, call Andrew directly on 07507 928008 or 01952 811356.

A personal service to provide you with a valuation for probate at your difficult time

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