Land Registry Compliant Plans

Andrew R Mason produces Land Registry Plans that conform with Land Registry requirements.

Changes to the existing parcel of land may result in the need for a new plan to be provided to the Land Registry. Andrew R Mason provides a professional Land Registry Plan Preparation Service that is compliant with the requirements of the Land Registry in England and Wales.

Taking instructions from solicitors, estate agents, land agents and directly from home owners Andrew R Mason will analyse the detail that needs to be provided within a land registry plan in order to conform with the requirements of the Land Registry.

A Land Registry Plan shows land or property that is subject to a land registry registration. This type of plan is also commonly known as a Boundary Plan, Lease Plan, Deed Plan or Conveyance Plan.

The assignment of an existing lease or a new lease in certain circumstances may require that a Land Registry Compliant Plan be produced and submitted.

If you are registering a property for the first time, purchasing or selling part of your garden, introducing a mobile phone mast, creating changes to agricultural holdings or changes to residential, commercial and industrial properties you may also necessitate the preparation and submission of a Land Registry Compliant Plan.


An accurate Land Registry Plan produced by Andrew R Mason may help to prevent or settle potential boundary disputes at a later date - call 07507 928008 or 01952 811356.