Thirty Six Months - Nova News Editorial February 2017

I find it difficult to believe that at the beginning of March it is three years since I started work on my own. In that time my workload has continued to grow on a consistent basis.

I am gradually widening my client base with several solicitors having used me recently for the first time. It is pleasing to know that several of these sources have returned to me with additional instructions. Whatever the job I will endeavour to undertake the work within as short a time frame as possible and I will always stay in touch with the client to update on progress, or more importantly, if there has been an unforeseen lack of progress.

My experience gained in over 40 years in the property business helps me to see matters from more than one point of view, this can assist potential sellers and buyers where advice is required in one or the other of these processes. I have a number of clients who have returned to me for additional assistance with property matters following our first meeting. The thing with an involvement in the property business is that it may be some time, even years between undertaking jobs for clients, that is the nature of the property business. After all there are not many of us who move house on a frequent basis so it is encouraging to hear past and potential clients say that I am in their mind when it comes to property matters.

There are many of you who read my article regularly and I thank you for that. I hope I am able to offer you, and others, some positive thoughts relating to property matters and reasoned, straight forward, honest advice.

Whether you live in Newport, Market Drayton, Shifnal, Telford, Gnosall or Anglesey, I will always be happy to offer you my independent services for any property related matter.

Call me on 07507 928008. You can also follow me on twitter @Andyvalues1551.