Sell Yourself - Nova News Editorial October 2016

There is no doubt that the housing market is, at the time of writing, suffering from a lack of supply of property for sale. Agents want to offer as many properties as possible to their satisfy their extensive range of prospective buyers.

However there is presently a shortage of buyers in the market place, viewings are not as high in numbers as agents would like and it is harder to convert those viewings into offers and confirmed sales. Your agent will be working very hard to effect a sale on your home and it is times like these that proves their worth. It is not just the agent who has to work for a sale. We as sellers can help ourselves by increasing the appeal of our property. I referred to “kerb appeal” this time last year and it is the autumn when it becomes significantly more important. There may be less prospective purchasers around but now they will generally be keen to purchase and are not just window shopping.

It is important to present your property in its best light. Make sure that when the photos are taken the wheelie bin has been moved out of sight. Add some colour to the front of the house, summer hanging baskets are now past their best but you can refill them with autumn or winter plants for colour. Make sure the muddy boots are removed from by the back door and that there is a welcome, warm feeling, in the home. Clutter needs to be tidied away and the pots and pans removed from the sink. Get the kids to make their beds (now there is a challenge) and tidy the bathroom.

Gardens are soon to be looking past their best but you can still keep them tidy with the lawn mown, weeds removed, dying plants cut back and falling leaves kept to a minimum. Trim back those overgrowing hedges and bushes, you will be surprised how much bigger the garden looks. No need to apologise to your viewers for the state of the garden as we all have the same things going on in autumn. All these small things, and more, add up to making your property more appealing and you are helping to sell your home to the prospective buyer.

Good luck if you are selling, keep in close touch with your agent and get that valuable feedback.

I offer a completely independent valuation service so if you are thinking of selling and want an opinion as to value from someone who has worked in the area for over 40 years please give me a ring. You may well find that the modest expense is money well spent.

Andrew Mason FNAEA

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