"Up For The Challenge" - Nova News Editorial April 2016

I recently attended a half-day “Masterclass” organised by the National Association of Estate Agents, it was held at a venue just outside Stafford with some 50 delegates from as far away as Leominster. A range of matters were discussed which the High Street agent needed to be aware of especially from the regulation point of view.

We were also asked to consider whether or not the High Street presentation of the traditional agent is likely to change over the next few years. The general consensus of opinion was that there would unlikely be much alteration to their presentation.

One speaker highlighted the “threat” of the online agent to the traditional Agent and demonstrated one way in which the local agent could counteract their high profile media marketing and low cost service, which they offer. There is of course the personal service and ability to drop in to your local agent and have a face to face chat, local knowledge of the market place, schools and a reputation, which many agents have built up over the years of quality of service, matters which I have referred to in previous articles. He was of course trying to sell his product and it will be interesting to see how agents change their presentation and marketing as innovative products come available through applications, which can be installed, on your smart phone or iPhone.

There will no doubt be a great number of innovative systems that will be tried out by agents to retain their place as a major force on the High Street against the online giants who are backed by massive advertising campaigns. Value for money service is something we all seek out every day, whether it be going out for dinner or buying other forms of product. Selling our homes is no different and our agents will be striving to provide such a service to us as prospective sellers and buyers in order to survive and thrive against the challenge of the online competition. There is no doubt that the “in town” agents will be with us for a long time to come but I am sure we will see changes in the way they present themselves to the wider public in order to retain their place at the forefront of the house selling industry.

I am very much a traditionalist, having been involved with estate agency since I left school and as a valuer, rather than an Agent I will not be affected so much by these changes. I am there at the end of the phone, you can even get me on email but I am not yet on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlet. I still have some catching up to do!

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