Kerb Appeal - Nova News Editorial October 2015

With the Autumn equinox having passed the nights are now longer than the days. This is the time when we, as house sellers, are wondering what to do to enhance the saleability of our homes. The best thing about selling at this time of year is that the majority of viewers are genuinely interested in buying and not just window shopping.

It is still vital that you try and have an edge over your competition; even if your neighbour is your best friend I am sure you would rather sell your house first. I never cease to be amazed by the number of prospective buyers who will look at one property in the street and not go in the one next door or a couple of doors away. If you are a buyer bear this in mind because it is amazing how different properties can feel just by being the opposite way round (i.e. a left hand and a right hand semi detached for example). The light, the view, orientation or aspect of the property can be hugely different.

Kerb appeal is a term you will hear a lot of Agents talk about. I have written before about the possibility of some potential buyers not viewing a house because they did not see anything in the photos that appealed to them. Here I am considering the visual appearance from the road as a prospective viewer drives by. In other words what they see from the roadside or the kerb.

First and foremost make sure you have some colour to brighten the exterior on a dark day or evening and don’t forget, if you are growing plants in a pot to keep them well watered and fed. There is nothing worse than seeing dying plants or hanging baskets, which have gone past their best. I have lost count of the number of pubs I have driven past where the hanging baskets have died. A bit of colour will be welcoming. Attention to detail is essential, brush the drive, clear the cobwebs around the front door and mow the lawns and weed the borders. May be a lick of paint will help, and keep the curtains open during the day, potential buyers will not feel they are being shut out.

If you are going to be late back from work leave a side light on a timer in the front room so there is some warmth to the property when people are looking from the outside, this is also beneficial from a security viewpoint. If people are coming to view leave an outside light on to welcome them and have the gate open, this will make them feel more comfortable and start their visit with a positive state of mind.

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