Building A Future - Nova News Editorial May 2015

Here we are at last, May, my favourite month full of freshness and a true sign that summer is arriving with that lush growth in the garden and the fresh glossy leaves adorning the hedgerows and trees. As I write the Goldfinches are returning to the garden, such a pretty bird and an alert feeder, looking around for danger all the time. I just hope the sparrow hawk doesn’t show up too often.

The days are gradually getting warmer and hopefully the property market will brighten up somewhat, it surely will have been a little quieter with the General Election on everyone’s minds. Whilst the agents have been reporting strong levels of sales, the run up to the election will surely have seen a reduction in the numbers of established homes being marketed. If you are a follower of the property portals you will no doubt have seen a significant number of new homes being marketed in town and around the area. Those once green fields and brown field sites in town are now beginning to become established with completed homes and an ever-increasing number of sales centres.

Away from the busy building sites there are, thanks to a change in the planning rules, a large number of individual sites with outline planning consent for single properties coming on the market. The majority of these are for four bedroom homes and rather than be in the midst of a development of similar homes they present an opportunity for somebody to build a more individual home to their own taste. This may seem a daunting task to many folk but there are opportunities now to have your own home built at a relatively modest cost.
From my own point of view the year has been getting busier as each month goes by, long may it continue, but realistically you just have to take each job as it comes along and as I become more established in my own field then I will continue to pick up jobs from different sectors within the property business. An area which is keeping me busy at present is the preparation of Land Registry compliant Ordnance Survey plans for both agents and solicitors, this sphere of business can also cover the preparation of plans relating to boundary disputes so if you are having any difficulties which you may need help with give me a ring and I will see what I can do to help you.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Andrew Mason Independent Valuer 07507 928008