Selling Season? Nova News Editorial April 2015

Well Easter has already passed us by; I don’t know where the time goes. It’s now Bank Holiday season and spring has arrived, somewhat late this year. The trees and hedgerows are only just starting to bud up and its mid March. By the time you read this we will be getting some sun on our backs and lots of fresh new growth all around.

This is historically the time when we start to think about selling or buying and lets face it there is plenty of choice for family homes if you are looking for a brand new property with all the development in town.

The agents will tell you, quite rightly that there is never a good time or a bad time to sell with the housing market now active throughout the year. The one thing that does apply at this time of year, the casual viewer is more active; with longer evenings there is more time to drive around and browse at available properties. More buyers in the marketplace doesn’t mean that your house is going to be any easier to sell so you still need to keep the place tidy, lawns mown and a lick of paint. Its too early for the bedding plants yet but come June add a bit of colour to the front garden with some bright plant pots.

Our first thought when considering marketing your home is get a valuation. Indeed most sellers, understandably, get several agents in to give a free valuation, a service that all agents have been offering for many years. Sometimes a seller may feel under a little pressure, as obviously all agents are there to win the clients instructions. The majority of agents fees around Newport have been down to 1% gross or less with other free add ons to attract sellers.

Whilst I do not offer a free valuation service I can, for a modest fee offer a totally independent assessment with no pressure to sell and you can discuss freely and in strict confidence all aspects of selling or letting your home. There may be several options relating to method of sale. I discussed the Public Auction approach last month. You may also find it convenient for me to make a confidential initial approach to agents on you behalf, a service that I have offered to a number of clients over the past 12 months.

Hope to speak to you soon and good luck if you are selling.

Andrew Mason Independent Valuer 07507 928008