Time - Nova News Editorial September 2014

“Time and tide wait for no man”, this well know phrase, the derivation of which goes back to 1225, a most appropriate saying in the modern world. We are all governed by time and there is no doubt that we cannot delay its passing.

The saying advises us that there should be no delay in doing things. In modern society this is very apt as nobody seems to have time for anything. We are rushing off hither and thither getting something done, be it family, work or leisure. The world moves at such a pace nowadays. How often do you say you cannot believe how time has passed by, be it how quickly the week has gone, or the fact it is now September and it will be Christmas, again, in no time at all.

The point is that we don’t always have the time to do things that may be important to us. This article has to be prepared a month or so before the publication date; we are always looking ahead and may be the further forward we look the faster time seems to go. If we don’t have sufficient time then maybe somebody else can fill in and do some of the tasks we should be taking on.

This is partly what my business is based on offering a service to people where they have insufficient time to do tasks that need attending to. There are a multitude of property related matters with which I can help to save somebody’s valuable time, whether you are within the property industry or as a buyer, seller or tenant. I am pleased to have been of assistance to agents, landlords and buyers in my new role and look forward to extending my exiting group of clients further over the coming months and years.

Turning briefly to the sales market in Newport. Interest in 3 bedroom properties remains strong, however I get the impression that the market for one and two bedroom properties is tightening up a little. Some are not selling as quickly as they were a few months ago. 3 bedroom homes will always be a better long term investment, so if you are selling a smaller house or flat    be sure that you get the price right when marketing as even a small degree of overpricing can have a significant effect on your ability to achieve a sale. Your agent will advise you accordingly.

Meanwhile Nova has continued to move on and change with time, it is always important to progress, and what an excellent new format for the website. If you, dear reader, have not looked at Nova online I suggest you do, before the tide turns again.

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