High Street & Development - Nova News Editorial July 2014

Bank holidays are now a distant memory and as we look ahead we see a huge amount of potential housing development within the town on the horizon. Many consider this a bad thing and there are certainly areas of green fields, which we will be sad to lose.

If new development could be on “brown field” sites such as Newborough Court opposite the Cottage Hospital the old Audco works site and Water Lane, we may find the impact of development more tolerable. We need to find good side, after all it is progress, like it or not, we as a country need housing development to take place to keep up with an ever increasing population. Newport is presently going through period of change. Look at the High Street, not an empty shop, go back 5 to 10 years and there were numerous empty premises. Not only that but where you have full occupancy you have a desire by other businesses to get into the town, competition can be a good thing.

Back to the housing development in Newport, who will buy all these homes?
There are growing families moving up market to bigger and better homes, investors will be strong buyers as the rental market continues to expand for private rentals and students alike. Harper students bring a lot of money into the local economy and their presence also adds fuel to the strength of the housing market as does the quality of our local schools, another factor bringing families to Newport. Having said this, as I write my article the Nationwide is announcing a slowdown in the housing market, it will be interesting to see what the local Agents have to say in their articles this month.

New houses offer benefits in terms of increased energy efficiency and many extras that we may not have in our present homes and, a brand new kitchen and bathroom may be even an en suite. Moving to a new home creates an opportunity for the next buyer of an established home to move up market from something smaller, thereby giving benefits to the whole of the housing market from the top to the bottom.

The growth of the town sees pressure for commercial development in the form of the number of supermarkets seeking to establish themselves here. Many see this as being bad for the high street but as long as this development is in proportion to the needs of us all the high street will continue to flourish and the supermarket(s) will not detract from the present optimism surrounding commercial progress of the town.

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