Valuation - Nova News Editorial February 2014

When you leave a job you have been in for some 40 years and decide to go it alone there is always an element of uncertainty that sits at the back of your mind as to how things will pan out in the weeks and months ahead.

Looking back at my time as an employee in the Estate Agency business I was struck by the number of clients who expressed their appreciation of my honest and straight forward advice. I have never been one for the “hard sell”, I just say it how I see it. This did not always lead to gaining the instructions to sell a persons property but potential and actual clients always knew where they were with my honest opinions.

This is something I am keen to carry forward into my new role as a self employed Valuer and property advisor. Not as an Agent selling and letting homes for clients but offering a service that fills a small niche in the market place. Buyers often find they need a little guidance when looking for property, the Agent is always willing and able to give the benefit of his or her considerable knowledge but sometimes it pays to step aside slightly and get a completely independent perspective on things. I will be happy to offer an entirely unbiased and impartial opinion, whether you be buying, selling, letting or taking up a tenancy. The last thing anyone wants to do is enter into a contract which they may regret in due course.

I will be offering my services to Agents, Landlords and the general public. I am also available for Inventory checks and mid term inspections of rented property. A service which will benefit Agents and Private Landlords alike at times of illness, staff shortages or holidays.

The word “valuation” covers a multitude of fields, in the residential sector there are many differing forms, matrimonial, sales, rental, probate to name but a few. In addition to these I am able to undertake many other services relating to the sales and letting market. Whether you be an agent, landlord or an individual looking for assistance I will be pleased to discuss matters with you in more detail about what I help or advice I may be able to offer to you.

Andrew Mason 07507 928008 Email