Website Live - Nova News Editorial May 2017

Having promised myself for some time that I would get somebody to build me a website I have now reached that goal. I am really pleased with it and would be interested in your comments and feedback relating to its appearance and content. I have an additional email address and a link to my site is available from my Nova page.

The site outlines my various services offered to members of the public, estate agents, solicitors and others who may need my expertise from time to time. Including property related valuations, floor plans, preparation of Land Registry compliant plans and lease plans. Boundary reports and inspections, pre sales and purchase inspections and advice. Use the link to contact me for further information.

There appears to be a continued limited supply of stock in the residential sales market within the local area judging by the number of local properties coming onto the property portals. There are certainly less new homes competing against established homes compared with a few months ago. The dearth of property is a good thing for sellers as competition is limited and the traditional economic argument of supply and demand will generally favour an improvement in prices. All the agents will be working hard to gain your instructions and achieve an early sale on your behalf.

The rental market continues to remain strong in our locality as it has done for a number of years now. New and existing landlords are coming into the market for the long term and my thoughts on the higher level of stamp duty are that if you are looking at a longer term investment this should not be a distraction to you as yields are good and long term investment will surely give you a reasonably good capital gain, remember though that just like shares there can be losses as well as gains.

Let us hope that we have some consistency in fine weather this year, we didn’t get much opportunity to benefit from the weather in 2016.

Have a look at my website and give me your thoughts, my email address from there has changed from my usual contact to I look forward to hearing from you. Both email addresses will still reach me.