Nova News Editorial September 2017

Housing Market

Looking back at my article for the Nova this time last year I was commenting on the lack of housing stock available with a very limited number of new instructions coming on the market. Twelve months on not much has changed with the housing market still struggling with a shortage of availability for existing homes. There are signs though that there may be a few more existing homes coming available. With the schools now back at the start of a new year there is a possibility that the number of homes coming on the market may pick up. We will all have a better idea of that by the time you are reading this article.

As the autumn creeps up on us and the days become shorter there is a greater likelihood of prospective buyers viewing your home in the dark or twilight. It will now become much more important to make your home welcoming and inviting. Ensure that the house is well lit especially outside at the front of the house, with the porch light on, as your potential buyers approach from the road, Internally go for softer lighting inside rather than harsh bright lights.

If the weather is chilly put a bit of background heating on but don’t make the house stifling hot otherwise your customers may not want to spend time browsing around. If you have external lighting in the back garden make sure it is illuminated and that the property is tidy inside and out. You don’t have to make it showroom condition, a lived in home can still be very welcoming with a little time taken. The weather will probably remain relatively warm for a while so those outside plants, pots and hanging baskets can still look at their best. Make sure you keep them well watered and fed. This extra colour will soften the appearance of your home and further attract parties to the property.

Ensuring that the house is clean and tidy for visitors can be a stressful time. Do not become over enthusiastic with the housework. We all want our homes to be attractive to buyers but at the same time we know that our houses are lived in family homes, take pride in you home but do not be a slave to the housework.

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