Nova News Editorial 04 Issue 2018

Local Knowledge

Having been in the business around the Newport area all my working life I have built up a wide range of local knowledge. All local Estate Agents will stress the importance of their local knowledge to clients in respect of advising, buyers, sellers, landlords and potential tenants.

This is something that potential clients look for when “googling” for somebody to undertake a job on their behalf. My website has given me some very good leads, most recently from a very pleasant lady who wanted me to undertake a Land Registry compliant plan in Newport. I was not able to chat with her during the initial phone call so when I rang her back a few minutes later she was a little concerned that I may not be able to help her after all as she was ringing from South Wales!!
I explained that I would be more than happy to help her but my fee would have to reflect the cost of getting there and my time. We decided that unfortunately it would not be cost effective from her side.

This situation reminded me of an occurrence many years ago pre sat nav when a delivery driver from Birmingham called into the town centre offices where I worked looking for directions, after all an estate agent knows the area well. Sadly not in this case, a wet Friday evening around 4.30 in the winter, raining and dark outside, I explained to the driver that I did not know of such an address and he showed me his map cheerfully explaining that it was close to the big river which runs through the town. At this point I suggested to him that he could have the wrong Newport and queried whether or not he should be in South Wales. You could see his shoulders drop instantly but better than that he then asked if I knew the quickest way to get there!! All I could suggest was that the motorway would be quicker than across country but time was against him.

The housing market has certainly picked up somewhat over the past few weeks and this has shown in my work with EPCs, floor plans and Land Registry plans picking up significantly.

If I can be of any assistance please give me a call or get in touch through my website. I will be happy to offer you the benefit of some of my local knowledge.

Enjoy the summer.