My title for the last issue “Scorcher” couldn’t have been more apt. The weather just hasn’t let up and this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Hopefully by publication date we will be seeing more reasonable temperatures.

The housing market has not let up either. Whilst instruction levels for established homes are lower than would normally be anticipated, possibly as a result of the weather, FIFA World Cup and now the holiday period there is no lack of buyers with many homes selling within days of coming on the market. Despite this it is most important to make sure your property is sensibly priced in order to achieve that sale.

Agents are now finding a higher level of competition for instructions; sellers now have six selling agents to choose from on Newport High Street, all competing for your valued business. They all ultimately have the same aim of selling your home but each will tell you they offer something a little different. There are special deals on fees so it may be worth shopping around. However it is not all down to price. Online agents offer special fees but there are certain services that are not offered or involve additional expense. Ultimately it is all down to service and customer satisfaction so it may pay to do a little bit of homework before instructing a specific agent.

On a personal note I felt that the limited number of new instructions might reflect in the level of work coming in. This was certainly not the case; indeed in the first week of July I had enquiries for six land registry compliant plans to be prepared. Having submitted my quotes I was fortunate to be instructed on every one. The past three months have been the busiest since I started and looking forward to August it seems that this may be a trend set to continue with a considerable number of EPCs already pencilled in for the month on behalf of a local letting agent.

The next few months will see many of the early Energy Performance Certificates reach their expiry date of 10 years. It is advisable for Landlord who manages their own lets to check the dates when EPCs on individual properties were carried out to ensure that they have not exceeded the 10 year time limit. If you require an updated or replacement EPC I will be more than happy to offer a quote for undertaking a new one.

Enjoy your summer holidays.