It hardly seems five minutes since the last time I sat down to write my last editorial, as Lori would say. “I am sure somebody is winding the clock up”

We are now into September, although I am writing this at the end of August, and true to form the first week of the month looks like a period of fine settled weather. I remember a farming friend of mine told me years ago that this is normally the case and there haven’t been many years when it did not run true to form.

Work wise I am fortunate that the months continue to be busy; I have just had my first best four months in succession and looking ahead to jobs planned for when we return home I am anticipating a full first week. The schools are back now and that should result in an uplifting of what has been a relatively quiet period for new instructions so agents selling locally, despite this quiet period the market has, overall, been very strong this year and hopefully it will remain so.

Everybody is blaming Brexit for anything that doesn’t go right and any lull in the property market is no exception. However it seems that there are encouraging words coming from both sides of the Channel about the possibility of reaching a deal. Surely it is in everybody’s interests to come up with a solution, after all countries are buying as well as selling to each other and that will surely continue. If only it were so simple. One thing is for sure, whatever deal is reached plenty of doubters will remain.

This month has once again been very varied, I have been preparing a number of Land Registry plans relating to land transfers and splitting of garden ground, this has taken me as far as Crewe. I continue to get regular requests from local solicitors to quote for Land Registry work. I have also been busy with EPCs and I have a substantial number to do this month with many certificates becoming out dated around now. If you are a landlord handling your own management check that your certificate is still in date as they only last for 10 years. Whether you be a landlord, agent or other property professional I will be very happy to quote for EPCs and any other property related business.