When offering your property for sale or to let it is important to be prepared for the marketing of the home. Preparation comes in many forms and will generally start prior to inviting a valuer to the house. Presentation, décor and de cluttering are obvious candidates, as is the condition of the garden, particularly in respect of kerb appeal, a favoured consideration amongst most agents. Prospective buyers have been known to abandon a proposed viewing because of how a property looks, not even bothering to walk through the door. Irrespective of how well your home is presented internally if it does not look appealing from the photograph or a drive by then you may well lose that all important prospective buyer.

It is not just the look of a property that is important to get right before selling. Other matters have to be in order before you sell otherwise there could be a significant chance of losing your buyer. Firstly a current EPC has to be in place prior to marketing. Your agent as part of their marketing package may have this done. You may indeed have an existing EPC on your home; they are valid for 10 years from the initial assessment. There are circumstances where the EPC rating may have improved over the years since you bought the house. Should you be relying on an old EPC the rating of the property may have fallen due to changes in methodology used in the calculation of the energy rating. If you have had an extension or other significant work undertaken it may well be worth getting an updated certificate to reflect the benefit of these works.

Another consideration, which may not initially be obvious, is the boundary of your property. It is important that the area of ground, which you are selling, is correctly identified on the Title Register with the Land Registry prior to sale. If you have bought or sold land since your original purchase you should have had the title documents relating to your property amended to reflect this change. The person acting in the conveyancing of the property will be able to advise you regarding this. They will not, however, generally, make a site visit therefore are reliant upon the seller to advise of any changes. From a buyers perspective it may be prudent to get the checked for accuracy.

If you think you may benefit from assistance relating to any of the above matters I would be more than happy to offer my services and advise.