As we move swiftly on to another month we are now, hopefully experiencing some warmer weather, no doubt Easter will have put a temporary halt to that. We should now be easing our way out of restrictions in our ability to undertake a normal lifestyle and many businesses will, all being well, be getting back into gear. Many businesses will have been forced to change the way they operate and others will choose to undertake their daily routine in a different manner or from a different place. Working from home is surely set to stay in one form or another and there will be commercial landlords in large conurbations, and indeed possibly more local centres, who will surely suffer, at least in the short term as a result of changes in business practice.

On a more local level Estate Agents in our area have continued to function from a behind closed door basis. Whilst the volume of property coming onto the market has remained relatively limited the number of prospective purchasers has remained high and many properties have been selling in a matter of days. The budget will have outlined additional measures to assist the property market and we will now know where we stand with the Stamp Duty holiday.

Rural property is particularly attractive at present and I recently had the interesting task of preparing a floor plan of a range of redundant farm buildings, the first such project that I have undertaken. I was further tasked with plotting an additional area of ground to be included with the units for gardens and thus to prepare an outlined marketing plan for the agents together with further blocks of agricultural land adjoining. This is one of the benefits of my area of expertise to assist agents with their marketing and offer my services where time constraints may make the preparation of such plans difficult.

Recent jobs have included a visit to the outskirts of Montgomery to prepare a land registry plan, inspection of several boundaries, valuation of a parcel of garden ground as well as a number of Land Registry plans to be prepared relating to garden land.