The beginning of the year has turned out to be very varied in terms of work instructions. Along with the usual range of Energy Performance Certificates and floor plans undertaken on behalf of local Estate Agents I have been favoured with a variety of other instructions. I have prepared Land Registry compliant plans for paddocks of land, Building plots and gardens. Valuations have been undertaken on a number of parcels of land around the area as well as Probate valuations and other forms of property related matters.

Boundary inspections are an important sector of work which I carry out, not only on behalf of buyers and sellers but also where there is an issue between neighbours and I am regularly asked to visit property to report on such matters. More recently I was asked to prepare a floor plan of a 6,000sq ft commercial unit in Telford on behalf of a property management company.

One of the benefits of having worked an area for so long is that you are known to a lot of people and, whilst they may not all want to use your services there may be recommendations passed on to other parties. Often when a new client contacts me they will say that a third party suggested that I get in touch with you. That having been said a significant recent instruction came from a client who found my name at the top of the list on a major search engine. I do find that there is quite a high proportion of people getting in touch via search engines so my website must be doing its job well and I thank my website provider for that.

The summer will soon be with us and hopefully the weather will settle down. Three storm and floods have tested us in recent times.

The property market continues to be short of new instructions and it remains difficult for house buyers to find a property without dealing with significant competition from others in the same situation. Maybe with summer coming there will be more availability and choice.